Frequently Asked Questions

"If I send a picture of my doll can you tell me if you can repair it?"

In order for a most accurate evaluation, it is imperative that we see the doll in person. Once we properly review the doll we will be able to asses all damages and notify you immediately of what can and can not be repaired.

"How much will it cost to fix my doll/stuffed animal?"

We strive to provide you with the most cost effective services - but most repairs take time. We will provide you with a detailed cost and you may select the services you wish to have performed.

"How long will my repair take?"

Each repair time can vary, but in most cases we're able to return your doll within just a short couple of weeks. You'll be provided your estimated wait time once we're able to receive your doll and evaluate the work needed.

"My child's favorite doll/stuffed animal is damaged! Can you help me?"

Yes! If your child's favorite doll is damaged that they just simply can not be without, our repair team will push it ahead as much as possible. We're often able to complete these special repair jobs within just a few days, depending on the restoration that is required.

"Do you repair American Girl Dolls?"

We certainly do! The most common repairs on American Girl Dolls are re-stringing or replacing their original wig with a new wig! ** Please note American Girl re-strings can typically be performed within 1-2 weeks (less wait time!) ** 

"How much is my doll worth?"

We will certainly need to see the doll in person before being able to assess the current value of the doll. The value depends on the condition, year made, rarity, and what the market is after. We do offer written appraisals for a fee of $50-$75 per doll. We only advise written appraisal on dolls worth over $500.

Any other questions?

 Feel free to visit the Contact Us page and submit any questions you may have via e-mail.